1st Blog!

1st Blog!

Saturday 17th Apr 2010, 1:17 pm

This is my first blog for this project now that the website is finally ready to go live. It's taken me longer to put together all the information and text than I thought! But everything's about ready now.

The site at this stage shows what I have done so far, the gallery contains photographs of collections I've visited at Nuneaton Art Gallery and Museum will soon show images from the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum collection in Coventry. The research section contains a summary of my contextual research into the history of Ribbon weaving in the area.

The next stage for me is to start putting together some ideas from this research for work for the exhibition.

I'd also  like to thank Jim and Graeme for making me this fantastic site and for all of their help with technical stuff when I don't understand how things work.