More weaving ideas.

More weaving ideas.

Saturday 5th Jun 2010, 12:00 pm

This week I've been weaving a lot. Firstly trying out different structures and working out different variations and working through in a quite logical way. I've been using one of the pages from the Coventry Ribbon samples book as inspiration for structures and colours. The piece I'm currently working on is really simple in terms of structure, I've experimented with including pieces of ribbon into the fabric. It's quite different from the small delicate structures of the sample ribbons. I've added some photographs to the work in progress section on the Gallery page.

I thought this week that it would help me to think more about the human and historical aspect of the ribbons and the lives of the ribbon weavers. So I've included in my sketchbook, images and photographs from my original research into the history. Also, I have information about some of my 'Wiberley' ancestors who lived mainly in the Foleshill area in the 1800s. Some of them were ribbon weavers and silk winders, as many people living in the area were at that time.

I have spoken to the exhibitions officer at Nuneaton Art Gallery and Museum this week. She would like me to put together a list of items from their collection and from the Herbert, that I want to include in my exhibition. This is so that she can begin to organise how they will be displayed and lit, because of their senitivity to light. I've got to give this some serious thought of the next couple of weeks, because it has to correspond with the work that I produce for the exhibition.