New Warp, Sketchbook and Meeting.

New Warp, Sketchbook and Meeting.

Tuesday 6th Jul 2010, 10:36 am

Last week I got to grips with putting the new warp on the loom, you can see the photos on the gallery page. It's quite a tricky process that requires patience and concentration and can easily go wrong. I made a mistake with my calculations when threading up. I forgot that that I had altered how many ends (threads) per inch I had decided on and had to redo half of the threading. There is quite a lot of maths involved in weaving and especially in working out the design for the warp, the basic calculations aren't that difficult, but things can easily go wrong if they're not right. The warp is two inches wide and made of un-dyed silk; I intend to weave some designs for ribbons based on those from the collection at Coventry.

I had a meeting with the exhibitions officer at Nuneaton Art Gallery and Museum last Friday to discuss the project so far and possibilities for the exhibition. To prepare for the meeting I spent some time updating my sketchbook and thinking through my ideas. I always find the best way to get a new perspective on my work is to spread it all out on the floor and look at it all together, so that's what I did. It really helped me to organise what I had done so far and develop my ideas further. The meeting went really well, came away feeling really positive with lots of ideas.