Visit to the Nurse's House and Parsonage Heritage Centre Bedworth

Visit to the Nurse's House and Parsonage Heritage Centre Bedworth

Tuesday 6th Sep 2011, 12:25 pm

The Woven Threads Exhibition will very soon be on display at the Nurse's House at the Parsonage Heritage Centre in Bedworth. The Nurse's House is a new addition to the Heritage Centre having been renovated by volunteers and fundraising from the Bedworth Society. I'm very pleased to say that Woven Threads will be the first exhibition in the Nurse's house and will be displayed along side a Victorian Weaving loom and a replica of a tradional ribbon weaving loom.

Yesterday morning I went to visit John and Lynda Burton from the Bedworth Society and Parsonage Heritage Centre to discuss my exhibition being displayed in the Nurse's House. We met at the Old meeting Church which they are currently involved with renovating and restoring and of course fund raising for. It was very interesting to hear about the building's history and how it had changed over time. They then showed me the Nurse's House and the Parsonage Centre and we discussed my work and how best to display it. My sister Sarah came with me to help transport my art work and to discuss display options and to keep me calm when I got lost driving around Bedworth town centre in circles! It was the usual case of not really being lost but not realising I was in the right place. We left John and Lynda awaiting the delivery of the Victorian loom which will be a permanent feature of the Nurse's House.

I will update with more information about dates and times of the exhibition soon!