Weaving. Cutting and Washing.

Weaving. Cutting and Washing.

Monday 28th Jun 2010, 12:07 pm

I wanted to experiment a bit with the last bit of the warp, so I used some of the photographs printed on fabric in the weave. I cut the printed fabric into strips which I wove into the piece. I also used a photograph from the Nuneaton collection to inspire colours for a design idea I made using different twills. The last piece I made on the warp was very different, it incorporated strips of printed writing from the Coventry sample books, woven with plain silk in a plain weave structure. Over the top I included brown and black silk threads, which I put in by hand, almost like embroidery.

With the warp finished, I cut the work off the loom, then washed the samples. They will also need ironing and tidying up. My next task is to put the new warp on the loom. I also have a meeting on Friday at Nuneaton Art Gallery, so I need to prepare for that and sort out my ideas for the exhibition.