Weaving ideas...

Weaving ideas...

Friday 28th May 2010, 4:24 pm

I have been trying out a few ideas on the loom, firstly incorporating pieces of ribbons into a plain weave background. I also thought it might be a nice idea to weave in label tags, the idea coming from the labels from the Nuneaton collection. From there I moved onto looking more closely at the pattern structures of some of the original ribbons, in particular looking at the Coventry ribbons. I chose a page from my photographs that I really likes and focused on one ribbon. It's very pink with some very basic pattern in dark blue and white. So taking this as my starting point I began to experiment with similar structures and colours. The structures don't translate directly because of the current warp threading I've got on my loom. The warp is from a previous project but I thought it would work well as an experimental place to start with, also creating some unusual colour combinations. I'm thinking that I would like to put on a new warp, probably of silk and something quite narrow to allow me to weave something of similar dimensions to the original ribbons. I also need to really start thinking towards the exhibition and what it will actually include. My next move for the moment though is to continue to try things out on the loom, moving onto another ribbon from the page I've been working on and trying out some more colour combinations and structures.

You can see the experiemental pieces I've been working on, on the gallery page titled, 'Work in Progress...'